Ilanot – Morning Boating and Special Night Tzrif Bonding Events!

The past week, two Ilanot tzrifim (bunks) went out for early morning boating.

They woke up, got in their bathing suits and went out to the Agam in Kayaks, watching the beautiful and peaceful sunrise.

The kids had so much fun- it was a very special and unique experience!

The past few nights, all of our Tzrifim were having really cool (and secret) sneakouts and other tzrif (bunk)-bonding events! They left their Tzrifim (with the Madrichim) wearing all black, and went to the Bishul (Cooking chug) kitchen or the lower Migrash (field)- They were cooking, snacking and just having a wonderful time with each other, spending their last week together.

We are having the best summer!

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