Ilanot participates in a program with the Mishlachat!


Last night, our edah had the opportunity to be part a program run by the Israeli Mishlachat.

Our chanichim rotated between four sessions, each one focusing on various topics having to do with Israeli culture and strengthening our relationship with Israel!

At the first station, chanichim learned a famous Israeli folkdance called, "Lo Ahavti Dai." They learned the steps and then jumped into the music! Their smiles lit up Moadon Ilanot (our meeting place). 

At the second station, chanichim learned about the geography of Israel by literally stepping into a map. Chanichim were asked to run on the map to various places in Israel to get them familiar with major cities, deserts, and bodies of water.

At the third station, chanichim participated in a discussion about connections to Israel. They talked about their family''s connections to Israel, their community's connection to Israel, and finally, their own. After the discussion, chanichim each decorated a section of a large Israeli flag. This flag now represents our Ilanot connections to Israel! 

At the final station, chanichim participated in a mini and light Israeli Army simulation. They ran through an obstacle course, learned how to address an Israeli Officer, and giggled their whole way through! 

We thank the amazing members of our Israeli delegation for this unforgettable program!

Am Yisrael Chai!!!


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