Ilanot Prayer Yoga!


In Ilanot, we daven (pray) every morning just like the rest of the community here at Ramah. Almost every morning, we come together in our moadon (gathering space) to begin our day. Our t'filot are filled with new songs and new melodies along with many traditional tunes that our chanichim know from home. Thus far this summer, we have taken a few opportunities to daven in new places and in alternative ways. These places and new ways include praying in the amphatheater overlooking the agam and doing yoga while davening. On our t'filah yoga day, we stretched our bodies opened our hearts. We connected to nature by praying outside using towels to sit on. We tried out a few yoga poses inbetween the t'filot! Our chanichim felt energized and excited to begin their day and ran happily to breakfast! Yoga

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