Ilanot Six Flags and More!


We’re already through our second week of camp  – unbelievable! We’ve had a really exciting week so far, beginning on Sunday morning when we announced the start of the “Evelyn Dragat Rubenstein Shavua of Tzrif Competition,” a week of intense competition begin all 19 tzrifim (bunks) on Tzad Aleph. For more details about The Evelyn Games, refer to earlier blog posts by Hannah Glickman and Emily Meister.

Ilanot has been leading the way in the games, earning impressive scores for each of the many challenges and events throughout the week. The winners will be announced on Friday before Shabbat.

The fun continued as we headed to Six Flags on Monday. Despite the daunting forecast and a lot of rain when we woke up, the sky remained cooperative for the entire day, holding in every drop of rain until we were back on the busses after a fantastic day. There were no lines in the park, and we had a blast! The Evelyn Games followed us to Six Flags, as groups completed Evelyn-related challenges throughout the day to contribute to their overall score throughout the week. To top it all off, on the bus ride back we saw and blessed a gorgeous double rainbow.

With our second Shabbat quickly approaching, we’re enjoying every moment, and the promise of continued fun for the rest of the session!


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