Ilanot Spread out at Omanut: Painting, Drawing, Ceramics on the Wheel and Trihexaflexagons!

These chanichim (campers) in adat-haIlanot are learning varied Omanut (art) skills in their chugim (electives) in a calm, tranquil, and creative setting.   They can be seen here operating the pottery wheel and creating their original pieces.  They are guided by Debra Vardon, who enjoys teaching her at Palmer because she relishes watching the chanichim lost in the moment, and totally engaged with the project at hand.  Ephraim is seen teaching them how to create trihexaflexagons (thing origami, drawing, and geometry).  Emily A. is teaching drawing, and Haleli is teaching painting.  All in all, Omanut is the happy and creative place for many chanichim, including these from Ilanot.



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