Ilanot Take Havdalah Home


We asked Ilanot campers, families and tzevet to tell us about
doing havdalah at home with the havdalah sets which they made at camp. We got
some beautiful stories and pictures. If you were in Ilanot in 2009, please send
us pictures and a few lines about doing havdalah at home your families and
friends so we can post it on our blog. You can send it to

Here are a few pictures and stories…

My daughter Ilana uses her Havdalah
kit every week!  She has really learned the entire service and gets the
glory of being our family's designated leader now each week. Ilana attends the
Charles E. Smith Jewish Day school and is in 4th grade where Havdalah
is the big focus beginning in January. The 4th graders learn Havdalah
and then participate in a group Havdalah in March where
they really perform for their families. Ilana is so excited about that because
she already knows it all thanks to Camp Ramah!


The Beckman's (Ian and Rachel Miah) and Rochelson's (Rachel and Adena)
celebrated Havdalah in their Sukkah in Syracuse! Rachel
Miah and Adena brought Havdalah home from camp Ramah! Elise
Beckman (6) can’t wait until she is old enough to attend Camp Ramah!

The Beckman's and the Rochelson'sBeckmans havdallah

Havdalah at home is really nice because you are
closing shabbat and singing together. It is also nice because at camp we made havdalah sets and at home I do havdalah
with my havdalah set and it helps me remember havdalah at camp with all my friends and counselors. That is
one of the many things I brought home with me from camp.
– Hannah Avery-Peck


Rami an Ilanot Madrich from Kayitz 2009 doing havdalah at home.

Havdallah rami

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