Yasher Koach: Ilanot & Tefillot

Ilanot, which is our largest edah with 97 campers, had a wonderful, robust, participatory Tefillah this moring.

Right before the recitation of the Shema, there were some wonderful answers to Rosh Edah Andy W.’s question of what Hebrew word starts with the letter Shin.  He held up his three middle fingers to cover his eyes; some Shin words suggested by the chanichim: Sheket, Shalom, Shema, and Shabbat.  The chanichim and tzevet (staff) all joined together in a beautiful recitation of the Shema.  The chanichim (campers) took turns in leading Ashrei, having Aliyot to the Torah, doing a great job at Hagbah and Gelila, and cleaning up the Moadon Ilanot at the conclusion of Tefillot.   All of these helped build great Tefilla skills.

At the conclusion of services, at the moment when the congregation’s voices were crescendoing on the word “VeNeemar” in the Aleinu — the local train went by approximately 500 feet away, its blaring warning blasts joining in to the crescendoing voices in perfect accompaniment.




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