Ilanot-Yom Disney

Yesterday in Ilanot was Yom Disney! Our morning started off with T’fillot led by Belle (of Beauty and the Beast) and Tigger (of Winnie the Pooh). Our regular tunes for the prayers were replaced by singing the prayers to the tunes of popular Disney songs. We all had a fun time praying in a different way…and of course, trying to guess which tune we were singing!

The day continued with some really fun activities, like creating "Main Street Israel" out of our bunk porches, taking a magic carpet ride (a team building activity), learning about dreams in Judaism (because Disney is the place "where dreams come true"), and creating our very own Merry-Poppins-like sidewalk drawings. The day ended in a huge Tzad Aleph water fight! I’d like to say that it fit the theme of The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, or even Pocohontas’s river bend, but really, we all just wanted to play in the water together!

This morning (Thursday) as well as tomorrow morning (Friday) we are celebrating Rosh Chodesh. This morning our t’fillot included Hallel, which everyone enjoyed. Tomorrow morning, the boys are getting a special treat for t’fillot. They are doing a program called "T’fillot on a Boat"! It is exactly what you think it is….praying on a boat on the agam! They will learn what the halacha says about praying while traveling, particularly on a boat. And then they will get to enact it. 

I’m excited for them to get to try this out! Meanwhile, the girls have a special Rosh Hodesh program that we are planning to be just for them. Both should be really great experiences.

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