Ilanoters begin to decorate glass Havdalah sets!


Today, chanichim in Ilanot began their Take Home Project. Ilanot works on a 2 year cycle. Year one is learning about pre-shabbat and year two is learning about Havdalah and differences between kodesh (holy) and chol (ordinary). We are now in a year two, and our chanichim have been learning havdalah in yihadut. Today, we have the opportunity to make our very own Havdalah kits! Using glassess, a glass candle holder, and a glass spice jar, chanichim are using modge podge and tissue paper. Our artist in residence, Cindy Kaplan is teaching our chanichim how to do this art work with great care. Here are some photos of our hard work today!


The following is a picture of Rosh Ilanot Liav Shapiro, and the artist-in-residence, Cindy Kaplan!

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