Ilanot’s Yom Meyuchad

yesterday was our Yom Meyuchad (special day) where, instead of having our regular Chugim (activities), we had a whole Yom with our Madrichim Hevratim (bunk counsellors).

Our Yom was- Yom Game shows!

Our Madrichim were taken by the national TV and we had to save them by doing all kinds of missions! to get them out of the TV we had to collect the buttons for our remote controls. We divided into 4 groups and were competing for the buttons! each game was a game show that is on TV that we had to master.. we played things like Family Fude, The price is Palmer, Shark Tank and more fun things!

The score was close throughout the day, and the final game (for the On button) was capture the button..! The day was so much fun, the kids were enjoying themselves and all were happy and smiling!

After lunch we also went to Rondeau for a wonderful camp ice cream!

What a perfect day!

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