Improvements to Tzad Bet and Machaneh Gimel!


Tzad Bet, Machane Gimel bunks and fields 11-1-09 008

Autumn has brought important changes to our camp facility.  On Tzad Bet (B-side), all buildings, including the tzrifim (bunks) and chadar ochel (dining hall), have been painted in earth colors to match the rest of camp.  With almost all camp buildings painted in our new palette, camp looks fantastic – come have a look next summer!

In September, with dozens of donations made in memory of Josh Guitelman, a Nivonim '08 camper who passed away last spring, we renovated the B-side migrash by leveling the field, putting in a sprinkler system, adding loam, and planting grass.  By early November, when our campers returned for a reunion, the grass was already lush and thick.

Tzad Bet, Machane Gimel bunks and fields 11-1-09 020 

Tzad Bet, Machane Gimel bunks and fields 11-1-09 025 

With the bulldozers already stationed at camp, we also were able to improve the field just past B-side, long known as machane gimel, with loam and grass.  Together, the B-side migrash and machane gimel  will provide our campers many more spaces for sports and other outdoor activities.

The renovation of the B-side migrash represents an important upgrade of our facility.  A special todah rabbah to our lead donors, who made this project possible: 

The Levy Family — Joan, Avery, Daphne, Melanie, Valerie, Naomi and Michael

The Moser Family — Rita, Nathan, Rachel, Allison, Michelle and Steven

The Pearl Family — Yael, Zeev, Michal, Nadav and Yuval

The Stern Family — Denise, Les, Jennifer, Danielle, Stephanie, Melissa and Lindsay

If you are interested in helping us improve our Jewish summer home, please contact Rhonda Parker, Development Director, at 
By Erica Silverman, Business Manager, and Rhonda Parker, Development Director.