An inclusive Rikud Miriam in Kayitz 2017

In the 1990s, Lorraine Arcus choreographed Rikud Miriam (the Miriam dance) for Machon and Nivonim banot (girls) who were keen on Israeli dancing. Sol Slovin sewed the first costumes by hand for the banot to wear. That first year it was performed before the first Kabbalat Shabbat and it has been performed in that same spot every year since.  As the tradition and mystique of the rikud grew, more chanichot chose to participate. In about 2005, the group was so large that they decided to only include Nivonim banot.

Rikud Miriam is a rite of passage that many chanichot dream about for years.  The 2017 Nivonim dancers learned the rikud on the first evening and then practiced while on etgar (talk about dedication)!

This year, for the first time, both banim (boys) and banot (girls) performed.  Kol Hakavod l’edat hanivonim 2017 for breaking the gender barrier!

Check out the video on our Facebook page @ Ramah Palmer.

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