Inside Edition: Kitchen Staff from Abroad & Hakarat HaTov

Inside Edition: Please welcome and get to know our kitchen tzevet (staff) from abroad.  Joanna, David and Anna, and the entire tzevet, please accept our Hakarat HaTov (gratitude) for the many hours of hard work you put in each day to ensure we have 3000 on-time, healthy, delicious meals in a safe, clean, pleasant atmosphere.  Thank you!

Joanna W. lives in Gdansk, Poland, and grew up in Frombork.  She is currently studying for her masters degree in art education at the Academy of Art.  She received her BA in graphic design at the Polish Japanese Institute of Information Technology, and plans to be an art gallery manager.  Joanna loves Renaissance art, and has visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art and MOMA in New York.  She has also visited Niagara Falls.  Welcome Joanna, we appreciate your hard work here at Palmer. Pictured below: Frombork; Joanna

David B. lives in  Wroclaw, Poland.  He is studying to become an English teacher for elementary school at the Wyzsza Szkola Filologiczna (Philological School of Higher Education).  He grew up in the countryside.  He would like to live in an exotic country such as China, Brazil, Africa, or India.  He has already traveled to the Philippines and Thailand, and this is his first foray to the U.S.  He was impressed by people offering to help him in NY City if he had questions, looked confused, or needed directions.  He finds communication in English sometimes difficult but ultimately rewarding [note: David, your English is excellent].  Pictured here are Wroclaw; David.  Thank you David!

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Anna W. lives in Budapest, Hungary and grew up in a tiny rural village called Gyorujbarat.  She studies at the Eotvos Lorand Univeristy, founded in 1646. It is named after one of its most well-known physicists, Baron Lorand Eotvos. She is a stutdent of English literature and language.  Thomas Hardy is one of her favorite authors.   Her village is in the hills, and they had a big garden with plum and cherry trees, vegetables, and chickens.  This is her first trip to the U.S., and finds people here to be friendly, open and positive.  Everything is bigger here: for example, cars and stores.  Of particular note  in that regard: Walmart.  Pictured here: Budapest; Anna. Thank you Anna!