Inside Edition: Palmer Gan

The Gan (daycare) is an extensive operation here at Palmer.  This service enables our highly skilled tzevet (staff) who have children who are younger than our youngest edah to focus on their fulltime daily work.  But the Gan is almost akin to an edah, once you witness the fun, rich, daily activities that take place.  The Gan staff (photo above) works tirelessly to ensure a safe, healthy, fun Gan program; and many of the Gan children end up as chanichim (campers) in a year or two!  The specialty staff runs chugim (electives) just for the Gan children.  They greatly enjoy their Rikud (dance) chug, led by Sarah Rodin, photos below.

and after that extremely fun exertion, a delicious, nutritious snack break was in order:

And then the children had energy to do more!

Rosh Rikud Sarah R.:

The Gan children also enjoyed singing “Tzena Tzena” with Visiting Shira Specialist Elie Goldberg, and having some silly fun:




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