Introducing Kevin Linnehan: Soccer Coach! Kochavim & Ilanot

We welcome Kevin Linnehan, Rosh Soccer, a native of Springfield, MA.  Kevin teaches world history and coaches soccer at Springfield Central High School, and this is his first summer at Palmer as Rosh Soccer.  He is having a phenomenal time, and is finding our chanichim (campers) to be great, eager, and respectful in their attitudes.  He is proud to have already completed 1% of our meah milim (100 hebrew words) program, having mastereo “marp” (infirmary).  It’s clear from watching the drills and soccer match that Kevin is having a blast — and so are the chanichim.

Pictured here are our Kochavim and Ilanot chanichim, energetically participating in a fast-paced soccer match on a beautiful sunny Palmer morning.   Above: serious.  Below: silly.


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