Introducing Pirkie Solelim!


One of the primary aspects of last summer's Solelim experience was their Ramah Take-Home project. Ramah Take-Home is a way to extend the Ramah Jewish experience throughout the year, by engaging campers and their families in on-going Jewish learning and activities.

Last summer, Solelim dedicated a significant amount of time to learning from Pirkie Avot (Chapters/Ethics of the Fathers),  As part of their learning experience, Solelim developed their own commentary to various verses in Pirkie Avot.  In keeping with the tradition of the Talmud, they then used these commentaries to create their own study booklet, Pirkie Solelim (Chapters of the Solelim).  

Every month we will be posting a study page from their Pirkie Solelim, along with additional information about the corresponding verses from Pirkie Avot.  We hope that you will take the opportunity, to utilize these study pages as a means to explore Pirkie Avot and its many valuable lessons.  


Best regards,

Benjamin Greene

Director of Education and Year Round Initiatives

   Pirkie Solelim
 Study Page One

 PirkeiAvot Pg 01 (3) To download a printable version of this study page, please click here.

Notes on Pirkie Avot (1.1):

The reference to “Torah” in this passage is meant to refer to both the Written Torah and the Oral Torah. While the Bible makes clear that Moses received the Written Torah at Sinai, this passage establishes that Oral Torah was received at Sinai as well.  The chapter then describes those that have been responsible for transmitting Torah from one generation to the next.   While the members of Great Assembly made many statements, the attributed quotation is meat to reflect the essence of their religious and judicial philosophy.       

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