Jews With Special Needs: Strengthening Community Through Inclusion has posted another article spotlighting the strengths of the Ramah movement!  (Last week I linked to their article praising Ramah as an incubator for new ideas.)

This piece highlights the incredible Special Needs programs found at all of the North American Ramah camps.  Here's an excerpt:

Since that seed was planted, Ramah has expanded its special needs offerings exponentially across its network, with our foundation and philanthropic partners, to serve Jewish youth with autism, mental retardation, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and other developmental, learning, mobility and social disorders.

Programs include family camps, vocational training, and even trips to Israel, including one this February, for our youth with special needs. Constant is the immersion of Jewish youth with special needs into the camp population, so they can feed off the energy of other campers, and so others – campers, counselors and American, Canadian and Israeli staff – can feed off them as well.

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Special Needs programming at Ramah began forty years ago with the establishment of the Tikvah Program in 1970 at Camp Ramah in New England!