JV Yom Roo: A Winning Day Part 1 — Girls’ Softball & Tennis

Every year, Ramah Palmer and Ramah Berkshires play two all-day tournaments, one just for the JV teams (Magshimim and Bogrim) and one in which the entire Tzad Bet (JV and Varsity) participate.  Each camp hosts one event per year, alternating the events. Every chanich (camper) on Tzad Bet picks a team at the beginning of the kayitz (summer). Madrichim (counselors) and specialists, often those who were on the same team as chanichim, serve as the coaches and they practice daily.  Z’man Roo (Roo practice time) is not just about improving skills, it is really about being part of a team, teamwork, forging bonds between chanichim from different Edot and different friend groups, and building mentoring relationships between chanichim and tzevet (staff).  The evening before the tournament, all of the teams gathered to have special bonding time, get their game shirts and share final words of wisdom.

Today, we are hosting the JV tournament which we call Yom Roo and they call Yom Palmer.  Next Machzor (session), Berkshires will host all four of our older edot when both JV and Varsity play.

Up early, Magshimim and Bogrim ate aruchat boker (breakfast), and had tefilla.   The day started with a welcome ceremony where the dance teams performing their dances. The sports teams played in rapid succession with swim, boy’s basketball, tennis, and girl’s softball all happening before aruchat tzohorim (lunch).

Girls’ Softball: Varsity Roo team cheering on the JV, (top); JV Roo Girls’ Softball, below:

JV Roo Tennis:

After a short break in the action to eat and meet new friends or get reacquainted with old friends, the games will start up again.  Track, girls’ basketball, ultimate frisbee, boy’s softball, volleyball, soccer and scrabble will take place after aruchat tzhorim.

Everyone is having a great time. The teams are playing with heart and soul.  Great job to all of our players for their amazing teamwork and wonderful sportsmanship. We are very proud of all of our chanichim for giving 100% effort!


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