Kavana BaShanah- Experience the Magic of Kavana All Year Long!

Do you miss Shabbat afternoons sitting with your tzrif in a circle on the migrash for Kavana? Join Kavana BaShanah, a chance to connect virtually with your camp friends during the year as we recreate together the magic of Kavana at camp!

Instructed by Ariella Rosen and Rami Schwartzer, Kavana BaShanah is a chance to check out this summer’s theme, Etz Chayim (The Tree of Life) through video chats, our own blog, and more.

If you are interested in joining us, please be in touch with Rami Schwartzer at ramis@campramahne.org.  Check out this awesome video to see what Kavana BaShanah is all about!

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