Kayitz 2012 Draws to a Close…


This morning, a beautiful day in Palmer Massachusetts, we bade a fond farewell to all of our campers and staff from kayitz (summer) 2012.  It was an amazing summer, filled with incredible friendships and memories.  As is always the case on the last day of camp, our campers were sad to be saying goodbye (at least for now) to their friends and to this place that they love so dearly, this makom kadosh.  But I was delighted to see how fabulously happy our campers were at the same time, delighting in the fun they’d had all summer long, and enjoying one final morning of kayitz 2012.  It’s heartwarming watching old friends and new embrace and laugh and cry (often all at the same time!) as they prepare to go their separate ways.

Kayitz 2012 has ended… start counting down until kayitz 2013!  Over three hundred campers have already registered for 2013 (a record-shattering number for us).  You too can register simply by clicking here.  The Ramah adventure continues…!

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