Kayitz 2019 has begun!

Kayitz 2019 has begun!  We’re so happy that our machzor rishon hanichim (1st session campers) have arrived!

It’s been a great day at camp so far.  We had some rain during the drop-off period, but it didn’t dampen anyone’s enthusiasm for the start of another great kayitz (summer).  We gathered together for our first aruchah (meal) of kayitz 2019, a delicious aruchat tzohorayim (lunch) in our chadar ochel (dining room).  There was such great ruach (energy/spirit) in the room as we gathered for a machaneh (camp) for the first time of the summer!  By the time the meal was over, the skies had cleared (well, mostly!) and we were able to begin our tzohorayim tzrif, in which the bunks traveled together around camp to bond, get to know camp, and have fun in a variety of different chugim and peulot (activities).  In about an hour we’ll gather again as a machaneh for our opening tekes (ceremony).

We are excited for an amazing and meaningful kayitz together here at camp!

Our first batch of photos is already up on our password-protected website.  Here are a few:

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