Kishronia Comes to Amitzim and Voc Ed!


The Amitzim campers and Voc Eders of our Tikvah Program usually like routine—but they also like “mixing it up!”  Peulot erev (evening activities) this week were a departure from the expected—thanks to the talented, generous leaders of kishronia.  On Monday, Voc Ed learned animation with Jeanne Stern of G-dcast, while the Amitzim campers were entertained by the juggling and acrobatics of Lauren and Ryan, our circus arts kishronia leaders.  Last night, it was Amitzim’s turn to try out animation—they loved decorating their paper person, decorating it in Purim garb, and moving it ever so slowly as it was photographed by a camera on a tripod.  Tonight, Voc Ed baked raspberry bars with pastry chef, Paula Shoyer,  Paula has been generous with her time every time she comes to camp.  Thanks for enriching the lives of our Tikvah camper!


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