Kishroniayh 2019…The sky was the limit!

What a week it’s been at Machaneh Ramah. Kishroniyah 2019 was just another example for the chanichim (campers) that the sky’s the limit when you’re at camp! Twelve amazing Kishroniyah’s were offered, and each one in their special way added to the incredible avirah (atmosphere) at Machaneh Ramah.  So as we get ready to welcome Shabbat and say goodbye to this amazing week, I think the takeaway for our chanichim, tzevet (staff) and all the specialists that joined us in camp this week is that everyone has something special that they can do. Everyone is different and brings different strengths, ideas, and creativity to their communities. When we recognize each person for the gifts that they have to offer, then we can build the most remarkable community which is what we are doing here at Machaneh Ramah. Shabat Shalom!

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