Kishroniya Continues and The Fun grows for Nivonim and Machon

You all know the drill.  Cooking has been serving up it’s typical delightful food, from challah to chicken with potatoes and some delectable chocolate chip cookies.  Ultimate players have been working on their backhands and sharpening up their throws.  Jewelry is getting closer to finishing their bracelets which are downright beautiful! Mural has begun to move on their final draft, while Mosaics has created a little Roo Family.  Basketball works on their left hand, while tennis works on keeping their forehand shots low.  Robots are beginning to come alive in Robotics and the robots have finally begun to be able to turn left, while acapella has been putting their different  groups together, and have demonstrated their versatility and range.  IMG-20160801-WA0407 IMG-20160801-WA0482