The melody was beautiful as the chanichim (campers) sang the Hebrew words from Psalm 92.  The chanichim were divided into three groups singing in different harmonies.


Tsadik katamar yifrach
Ke’erez bal’vanon yisgeh
She-tulim be-veit Adonai
B’chatsrot Eloheinu yafri-chu yafri-chu
Od yenuvun b’seyvah
d’sheinim v’ra-ananim yih-yu
L’ha-gid ki yashar Adonai,
Tsuri, tsuri v’lo, v’lo av-latah bo.

The righteous man shall flourish like the palm (tree)
He shall thrive (grow tall) like a cedar in Lebanon.
Rooted in the house of the Lord
In the courtyards of our G-d
They shall bring forth fruit in our old age
they’ll be ever fresh and green,
Proclaiming that the Lord is just,
my Rock, in whom there is no wrong.

Click below to listen to the song and have your chanichim sing it for you at home- Enjoy!

More about the program- Making music without instruments provides a fantastic way to express one’s love for communal singing. Our performance-oriented goals are to learn a small (3-5 songs) repertoire that can be performed in multi-part harmonies. As a culmination of the program, we will perform in front of all of Tzad Bet (B-Side) and record an album of our music that each participant can have to keep!

Amichai Margolis is currently the Musical Director of the Solomon Schechter Lower School of White Plains, NY. He is also the Musical Director of The Orangetown Jewish Center. Amichai founded and directed the Jewish a cappella group Kol B’yachad at Brown University. He also arranged and sang with Pizmon from Columbia University & JTS. Ami is the Rosh Shira at Camp Ramah in Nyack, NY, and he was the Rosh Shira at Camp Ramah in New England from 1998-2005, where he broadened the musical repertoire of the camp as well as directed the staff a cappella group. He currently lives in Orangeburg, NY with his wife, Kari (whom he met at Camp Ramah) and their two children, and he owns and operates “Joyful Studios” on the side. Ami is the leader of the “Amichai Margolis Band,” and his debut album is called “Orah V’Simcha — Light and Joy.” His music can be heard at:

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