KISHRONIYAH 2019 COOKING WORKSHOP Adat Ha-Borgrim/Adat Ha-Magshimim

Everyone was busy chopping, dicing, measuring, squeezing limes, pureeing mango and listening to instructions to know what ingredient they were supposed to add next. The recipe of the day was Mango Coleslaw and the chanichim (campers) were excited to taste their culinary creation- another delicious recipe for Kishroniyah!

Abigail said, “cooking is really fun because we are learning a lot fo new skills and gaining new experiences in the kitchen- then we get to eat!”

Jonah said, “I love learning about different types of foods and interesting ingredients.”

Ellie said, “I think cooking is very cool because we learn how to make food, and understand the intricate process of cooking.”

Samantha said, “it’s a great space for creative thinking and gaining life long skills.”

This program is an introduction to cooking and baking, with an emphasis on healthy Jewish and American food. The participants will learn how to make specific dishes as well as learn the skills that will enable them to read recipes, plan meals and then prepare them. There are discussions about nutrition and manners as well. Everyone will take home a cookbook containing all the recipes they are taught. Participants will learn to cook dishes they already recognize and like, plus some things they may not have tasted, to expand their experiences with food. On each day of the program, the campers will learn main courses, side dishes, and desserts, as well as several soups and salads. The cupcake-decorating session is particularly popular, as is the annual cooking and baking competition where participants are divided into teams and get to show off their unique skills.

Paula Shoyer, known as “the kosher baker,” is the author of Healthy Jewish Kitchen, The Holiday Kosher Baker, The Kosher Baker, and The New Passover Menu. Paula has appeared on TV over 36 times, including Food Network’s Sweet Genius.  She is a freelance writer for The Washington Post, Bnai Brith Magazine, Fleishigs Magazine, and more.  Paula has a video series of her food travels around Israel and Paris on youtube.  She graduated from the Ritz Escoffier in Paris and teaches classes across the United States and around the world for Jewish organizations, synagogues, and food and book festivals.  Paula is also a professional cookbook editor and helps families create family cookbooks.  She received the “Woman to Watch” award from Jewish Women International.  Paula lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland with her husband and four hungry children.  You can find her at; Instagram: kosherbaker; Facebook: Paula Shoyer; The Kosher Baker; Twitter: Paula Shoyer, and her youtube channel.