There was a quiet yet busy buzz in the air at the Jewelry making workshop. the chanichim (campers) were choosing beads for their designs, cutting string and wire and sorting their materials by shape and color. Creativity was in the air and the creations were coming to life in the form of beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Maddy said, “beading with Bubby Sandra is so much fun!”

Ellie said, “it’s so much fun to make all of these bracelets!”

Ramona said, “bead is life- I love jewelry making so much!”

Sandra the instructor said, “my passion is beading, I just love it! I started coming to Machaneh Ramah eight years ago. Teaching and being at camp is just wonderful. I love to watch the creative process unfold for the chanichim (campers).”

More about the program-In this program, participants will have an opportunity to create their own jewelry with Sandra! The focus of this program will be on beading. This year we will feature the Ndebele and Peyote stitches. We will make bracelets and rings. The possibility of color combinations is endless and undoubtedly will produce many wonderful pieces!

Sandra Ostroff has always enjoyed crafts, starting with pot-holders on a frame when she was very young! She began knitting in high school and needlepoint when her children were young. Many years later she still enjoys knitting and needlepoint. Several years ago she discovered beading. Sandra was born and raised in the Seattle WA area. After graduating from the University of Washington, she taught elementary school. Since retiring, she has enjoyed pursuing her passions: beading, golf, yoga, and hiking. She is very excited to share her love of beading with our Kishroniyah participants!



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