STEM learning has swept the world as a new wave in a hands-on educational approach to teaching.  At Machaneh Ramah this summer we have introduced a new Kishroniyah called Steampunkinetics which is described as HAT program, History, Art and Technology all coming together to bring these three spheres of education to a new level. Our chanichim (campers) are working on a Rube Goldberg style project. Split into three groups each group will create part of the project and come together in the incorporate it into one larger project.

Vered said, “this is the coolest Kishroniyah track I have ever experienced- I am learning so much!”

Kyla said, “It incorporates many different people’s strengths. If you’re not good in one area you can still be part of the project. It’s very special.”

Gabe said, “It’s a unique experience similar to robotics in a hands-on way. We are taking different antique parts and creating a new type of art.”

More about the program- Steampunk art and design is the fusion of history + art + technology, repurposing and infusing modern technology into period antiques and salvage objects – creating inspiring, authentic, relevant, functional, fantastical and personal one-of-kind objects and spaces. Participants in this workshop will work in groups to design and create a Rube Goldberg-like, vintage “milk crate room” repurposing salvaged items, designing and fabricating a kinetic track and ball system, integrating electronics and programming lights and sound.  Each groups’ stacked or connected milk crate ‘room’ becomes part of a greater Steampunk ‘house’ where the ball rolls through each groups’ crate or room. Our assembled Steampunk ‘house’ will be permanently displayed at camp! This Steampunkinetics workshop will teach creative problem solving, collaboration, adaptive reuse, and resilience through teamwork and hands-on making.

Bruce Rosenbaum has been dubbed the Steampunk Guru by the Wall Street Journal and Steampunk Evangelist by Wired Magazine. Bruce’s functional Steampunk artwork and design has been featured in the Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, Architectural Digest, CNN, NPR and featured on MTV, A&E, HGTV and Netflix. Bruce and his wife Melanie recently purchased an 1876 Victorian Church in Palmer MA to convert it into their home, gallery and workshop space. The Rosenbaum’s church conversion project – Steampunk Wonderland (episode 8) – is featured in the Netflix Original docuseries – Amazing Interiors. Currently, Bruce’s ‘Discover Steampunk’ Museum Exhibition is on a worldwide 5 year tour premiering at the Museum of Idaho.  Bruce’s company, ModVic, works with clients all across the world to take period, repurposed, personal and meaningful objects, and creatively infuse them with modern technology to transform the ordinary into incredible Steampunk functional art. The Steampunk art and design process celebrates history, while setting a path for a reimagined better future — telling the personal stories of individuals, organizations and places along the way. Learn more at

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