Kishroniyah Sports Specialists Work with our Tzad Aleph Campers!


In addition to all of the great work that our visiting Kishroniyah specialists have been doing all week with our Tzad Bet campers, we were thrilled that our visiting sports specialists all agreed to run multiple sessions with our Tzad Aleph campers! 

During the Bechirot (free-choice) perek at 5:30 on Tzad Aleph this week, Shawn Hart & Eli Fish (Flag Football), Rick Atkins (Ultimate Frisbee), and the 5-Star Basketball team all ran hour-long sessions for interested Tzad Aleph campers.  They ran drills with our kids, taught plays, and of course gave them a chance to scrimmage.  It was really exciting to see our younger campers have an opportunity to learn from these great visiting sports coaches!

7.15.Kishroniyah.TzadAleph 003 

7.15.Kishroniyah.TzadAleph 007 

7.15.Kishroniyah.TzadAleph 012 

7.15.Kishroniyah.TzadAleph 024 

7.15.Kishroniyah.TzadAleph 014

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