It occurs to me that we haven’t really said what kishroniya is.  We throw that word around like it’s a real, meaningful Hebrew word (like we do with the word marp, another word which doesn’t mean much unless you go to Ramah) but, though it’s root, kisharon, is a real word meaning skill, the word kishroniya is entirely our creation.  You can see a full brochure of what we offer here, but the main thing to know is very simple, and I can express it in one word: awesome

Over the past couple of days, and through the end of the week, what we really have happening here at Camp Ramah is many mini-camps: a cooking one, a basketball one, etc.  The kids love it, the staff love it, and camp loves it.  It’s a great program.  Big kudos to Josh Edelglass, our Director of Programming, for putting another terrific program together this year.  

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