kochavim 1st day of mini session B

Today we welcomed our 19 Mini-Session B campers to Edat HaKochavim! The 13 girls and 9 boys all participated in a series of "getting to know you" games, both with their bunks and the edah. In Bunk 9, the boys played name games and Frisbee. Bunk 10 played a game where each girl had to guess which fun fact belonged to each of her bunkmates. After, the edah had swim checks, learned about water safety, and had some free swim,. As an edah, Kochavim played the "blanket game." The kids were divided into two groups, and one camper was brought up at a time from each group to stand on either sides of a blanket held by a counselor, and when the blanket was dropped, it was a race to remember each other's names. The kids then had free time, and played baseball, Frisbee, tennis, and jumped on the trampoline. Tonight, they will eat dinner with all of Tzad Aleph and then after a bedtime story from the counselors, they will go to sleep. A long but great day for Kochavim

Yoav after, Ros'h kochavim..



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