kochavim 2009

Kochavim 2009 is off to a great start, our 25 campers arrived yesterday, and that afternoon they played a fun icebreaker game and learned the edah song.

Today we had our first "Yom Ragil" (regular day). The hanichim and madrichim went to chug – when the kids can chose from boating, ropes, woodworking and arts and crafts.

After chug they had their "tarbut yehudit" which means Jewish culture.  The kids can pick either shira (singing), rikud (dance) or teva (nature).

This afternoon the hanichim played soccer and basketball during sport, had their swim tests and bunk activities planned by their counselors.

Before dinner the whole edah played a torah themed "scavenger hunt" that was so much fun, the kids had to find 5 torah books that were hidden in camp with clues given them by their madrichim.


We can't wait for our next days with your kids…  



Yoav after Ros'h Kochavim.  






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