Kochavim 2011 :)


Kochavim 2011 is off to a great start! Yesterday we started off with an opening activity and we learned our Edah song, which is in Hebrew, to the tune of "Yellow Submarine." The kids really loved it! We spoke about camp traditions, including 'Rad HaYom,' which is when we all sing a song before bedtime that includes the order of all the Edot in camp. 

   Today we started our regular scheduled day with all of our chugim (options), swimming in the agam (lake), archery, ropes, sports, drama, and teva (nature). Each camper gets to choose 3 options for the session. We also started our Yahadut (Judaism) and Ivrit (Hebrew) sessions where we divided into groups and each group received cards where they had to put the Jewish calender year with all the holidays in order.

   We are looking forward to our first medurah (bonfire) tomorrow night, stay posted!

Yoav After,Rosh Kochavim.


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