Kochavim Asks: Am I Awake? Am I Prepared? Are You Listening? Can You Hear My Voice? Can You Understand?

Today, 7:30 AM; our youngest Edah (division) starts Tefilah in the Beit Knesset, led most capably by Rosh Edah (division head) Emma N. and Kochavim madricha (counselor) Emma G.  All is proceeding beautifully, when Visiting Shira Specialist Elie Greenberg enters the scene, guitar in hand.  At the precise moment for the Barchu Call to Worship, Elie gives a brief D’var Tefillah about this moment of Wake Up and Pay Attention that appears in the liturgy of the morning service.  He leads Kochavim in the beautiful song “Am I Awake? Am I Prepared”, which in turn leads directly into the Barchu; take a moment to listen here, sing along, and share with your chanichim (campers) upon their return:

At the conclusion of the Amidah, Kochavim together with Elie sing Oseh Shalom to the Nava Tehilla melody; find the melody here:

What a sublime learning and Tefilla, enhanced and energized with our Shira tzevet (staff).