Kochavim had a blast at their first medurah!

Kochavim enjoyed their first medura (camp fire) last night.  Immediately after aruchat erev (dinner), kocahvim went to their designated medura (campfire) site near the sifryah (library).  As the madrichim were tending to the fire, they played games like Moana Mad Libs and learned Shir Ramah (the Camp Ramah song).

And once the fire was ready to go, the marshmallow roasting commenced.  There is nothing quite like eating gooey, warm marshmallows when you cook them yourself.

The edah had a very lively song session, including the song “Gesher Tzar Meod”.  The madrichim (counselors) challenged the chanichim to sing with as much feeling as possible. Check out the results:


What a great way to end a very busy day!


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