Kochavim Chanichim (campers) Enjoy “Take Your Camper to Camp Day”!

These Kochavim chanichim enjoyed a plethora of activities on “Take Your Camper to Camp Day”! On this special day, the madrichim (counselors) in each tzrif (bunk) attend and participate in all the chugim (electives) together with their chanichim.  The day is designed to foster strong connections between the chanichim and their counselors, chug leaders, and fellow chanichim.   Pictured above and below are happy chanichim learning new skills in the archery chug.   

Pictured below are the basketball and volleyball chugim.  Athletic skills and fun were combined in these team-building, enjoyable chugim.

Good catch!

Last but not least, this wonderful day was rounded out by generalized shmoozing, Magic Cards, and Omanut (art).

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