Kochavim enjoys Yom Sport, Boker Tzrif and Yom Foam!


Wednesday night, chanichim (campers) were surprised with Yom Sport breakout during rikud (dancing) on the migrash (field). For the next thirty hours, they wore their teams colors proudly as they participated in a very exciting day. Kochavimers spent the morning participating in different sports and games with their colors and learning songs and dances for closing ceremonies. In the afternoon, they spent time with the edah on a photo scavenger hunt, making shell people and birdhouse villages and playing ninja as a group. For peulat erev (evening activity), they all shined onstage during the songs and dances performed at closing ceremonies. The fun continued this morning as the banot (girls) helped welcome Shabbat by setting up the Shabbat gates for all of tzad aleph (a side) to walk through on their way to aruchat boker (breakfast). Then each tzrif (bunk) went to three different activities during boker tzrif. The banim (boys) climbed the alpine tower, made a bunk plaque and played dodgeball, while the banot (girls) made a bunk plaque, jumped on the water trampoline and played gaga! After lunch, the chanichim experienced Yom Foam! They put on their bathing suits and got to play around in foam on the migrash. After such an eventful first week, the edah is definitely looking forward to a relaxing Shabbat!







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