Kochavim First Two Days of Chuggim (Electives)


We had two great days in our new chuggim (electives). From drama to jewelry making to ropes to hockey to basketball to origami, our kochavimers did it all and had so much fun! Each chanich (camper) went to three chuggim. In Ivrit (Hebrew) we learned Hebrew songs and some new words. We also went to hinuch (Jewish studies) and went swimming in the adam (lake). It was a really busy, but fun two days! On the second day, we had a medurah (campfire) where we learned our edah (division) song. Our song is to the tune of “Eye of the Tiger”. Each edah at camp has their own song. We are very excited to be able to sing our song in the chadar ochel (dining hall) and other camp events. After learning our edah song, we sang some songs with tzevet shirah (music staff) and ate smores. We all had so much fun, but are exhausted and looking forward to a restful Shabbat.



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