Kochavim gets a visit by a helicopter and Yom Sport Breakout!

Today, the whole entire machane (camp) had a surprise visit from the United States Army who flew a helicopter onto our lower migrash (field). All the chanichim got the chance to look inside and take a picture of the helicopter. While we waited for the whole machane to get a picture with the helicopter, we played circle games! Little did the kochavimers staying for intersession know…one of the helicopter’s purposes was announcing  Yom sport (day of sport/color war) ! The army officers announced the start of the day and the whole machane went crazy! All of eight kochavimers will be on the Adom (red) team for the next 24 hours as they compete to win the day! See the pictures from breakout below!

IMG_5787 IMG_5785 IMG_5781

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