Kochavim Goes to Rondeau’s!

Today, Kochavim went to one of our favorite places, Rondeau’s Ice Cream Parlor! Right after lunch, we all walked up the street to go and get some of ice cream. Kochavimers ordered many different flavors, like chocolate, vanilla, Monkey Butt, Peanut Butter Puddle, Coconut, Oreo, M&M. Kochavimers also ordered a lot of interesting combinations, such as orange sherbert with vanilla ice cream and watermellon sherbert with oreo ice cream. Everyone had such a good time enjoying their ice cream! See pictures below!

Photo Aug 15, 5 57 14 PM Photo Aug 15, 6 20 42 PM (1) Photo Aug 15, 3 37 26 PM Photo Aug 15, 3 37 31 PM (1)

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