Kochavim had an amazing first day!!!


Kochavim mini session gimel is off to a great start! We were so excited to meet all of our chanichim (campers) on Tuesday. The chanichim first had peulot tzrif where they got to know each other. We then had a scavenger hunt all over A-side. Because kochavim means stars, the chanichim searched for stars placed in different locations on A-side. The chanichim learned where different activities are located and became familiar with different places in camp. After dinner, we sang a name song to learn each others’ names and played “If you’re a kochav like me”. This game allowed us to learn more about each other. One person in the middle says something about themselves and if it applies to other chanichim in the circle they have to move. By the end, we had discovered all different fun facts that we had in common. It was a great first day and we were all excited to start our chugim (electives) the next day.

Kochavim playing "If you're a kochav like me"
Kochavim playing “If you’re a kochav like me”



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