Kochavim had Yom Space!

On our Yom Meyuchad (Special Day), Kochavim had Yom Space (Day of Space)! Our mission was to conquer the Ramah galaxy. All day, we worked to acquire parts for our spaceships that we were going to use to conquer the Ramah galaxy! First, we played capture the flag where we captured the boosters to our rockets. Then, we played a matching game of space themed Hebrew words and learned about Ilan Ramon to earn our stickers for the space ship. Then, we played space jeopardy where we earned our streamers for our rockets. Finally, we earned duct tape by making our own candied planets. After acquiring all of our materials, we built our space ships and flew them to aruchat erev (dinner)! Everyone in Kochavim had such a good time and got so into building our spaceships and everything about the Yom! See our pictures below!

file1-2 file-2 file2-2 file3

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