Kochavim has a great first day of Mini-Bet!

All goes smoothly for the chanichim (campers) that just arrived as part of Mini-Bet in Kochavim. Today, we unpacked all of our clothes and decorated the tzrif (bunk). We then went on a scavenger hunt with many challenges and games to learn about the machane (camp). We also took a tour of the chadar ochel (dining hall) to learn about where we eat and had delicious sandwiches for aruchat tzohorayim (lunch). Finally, we ended our day by making ice cream in zugot (pairs). Check out some of the pictures below that show what an awesome time Kochavim is having already!

Photo Jul 12, 3 49 18 PM Photo Jul 12, 4 14 01 PM Photo Jul 12, 3 45 39 PM Photo Jul 12, 3 36 03 PM

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