Kochavim has an awesome time at the final carnival, banquet, and No Smoking!

On Thursday, all of Kochavim joined the whole entire camp for the carnival before banquet. There were so many fun stations, including a dunk tank, 3 inflatables, a packing tutorial station, rikud (dance), and more! The Nivonimers ran the entire carnival and even passed out hors d’oeuvres with the hanhallah and other tzevet. We then went to the banquet where we sat with long tables Harry Potter style and ate a delicious turkey dinner. Finally, we went into the Bet Am Gadol where we played a game of Chadar Ochel themed “Price Is Palmer,” showed off a cheer and an inside joke during the No Smoking tradition, and had a final rikud (dance) with the whole camp! Everyone in Kochavim had such a good time and can’t wait to come back next kayitz (summer)!

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