Kochavim Has Great Peulot Tzrif (Bunk Activities)!

Today, Kochavim had the opportunity to have peulot tzrif! These are occasional activities that allow all the chanichim in the tzrif to become better friends and come closer as a tzrif. The girls had a fashion show and dressed up as different people around the world and in the machane (camp). We had chanichim dressed up as Taylor Swift, a fire-fighter, the paparazzi, and even as Andy, our Rosh Edah. The Banim had the Tzrif 7 Circle-Games Olympics. They played mafia and Kwa-Kwa, an Israeli game. Of course, everyone took home the gold medal. Check out some pictures of the fashion show below!

Photo Aug 11, 10 28 43 AM Photo Aug 11, 11 03 34 AM Photo Aug 11, 11 03 56 AM


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