Kochavim & Ilanot: Amazing Nagarut Creations!

The fantastical creations of these chanichim (campers) from adat-haKochavim and adat-haIlanot are beautifully crafted thanks to the skilled instruction of tzevet Nagarut (carpentry staff) Ran Eckshtein and Zohar Phipps.  Ran has been at Palmer for 15 years, and has worked for the Sochnut for 37 years.  He lives in Kibbutz Magen (near the Gaza strip) in Israel.  Zohar lives in Mevasseret Zion.  You can look forward to seeing the owl, horse, car, “The Doctor Is In” sign, etc…this coming Sunday!



Categories: Chugim, Ilanot, Kochavim, Omanut