Kochavim is so excited to be at camp!


Although Kochavim Bet just arrived yesterday, we have already done so much and had tons of fun. Yesterday, our new chanichim (campers) had a chance to get to know the other people in their tzrif (bunk), and it is incredible how they are already hitting it off! We also had the chance as a whole edah – all of Kochavim – to learn each others’ names, to practice our special edah song, to learn about key places in camp, and finally to participate in an awesome scavenger hunt. There were stars posted all around camp and the Kochavimers split into groups to reach every location with a star. In order to earn a star they had to complete challenges. One of the funniest challenges was guessing their madrichim’s (counselors’) life stories. Each group shared theirs in front of the edah and we learned about Michael who walks to the White House everyday and Vega who is 7,900 years old and lives in outer space!
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Like every edah in camp, we finished our first day together by singing a nighttime song, Rad HaYom, and cheering for our edah name, Kochavim.

Today we got started with our regular routine and the chanichim split into their chugim. Everyone – from those in archery to tennis to woodworking  – is having a blast!

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