Kochavim Loves Shira!


After the first two days of regular days at camp, Kochavim is really getting into the swing of things at camp. Everyone is enjoying their chugim, agam, and making new and fast friends. One activity that we particularly love is shirah, singing. We start off every day with many songs during t’fillot, have shirah as a perek (period), and sing after dinner with all of A Side. We continued singing during our first medurah, camp fire, tonight. During the medurah we played “shirah madlibs” where the campers shouted out nouns and verbs to replace the normal words in well-known songs. We had a blast singing the silly version of the song and finishing off our night with the edah song.

photo 2 (3)

^Kochavim learning our edah song

Kochavim can’t wait to experience our first Ramah shabbat – to sing more shabbat songs, eat the famous brownies, and enjoy free swim – together!

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