Kochavim Makes a Splash at Yom Mayim

Today kochavim had a Yom Meyuchad, a special day-long theme day. The entire day was run by the Kochavim counselors.  Today's theme was Mayim (water)! 
We started the day with a rotation of different activities. The Kochavimers learned about Miriam's well, the water crisis in Israel, and crossing the Red Sea. Along the way they decorated water bottle holders and played lots of fun games. Afterwards, we held water-themed relay races, with the kids rushing to fill buckets with water and throwing wet sponges at their counselors and their rosh edah. Next it was time for a scavenger hunt around Tzad Aleph, where the kids learned about the water cycle and danced to "Mayim Mayim B'sason", an Israeli song. 
Yom Maim
Yom maim 3
Yom Maim 2

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