Kochavim Mini Daled Goes out with a Bang!

The Kochavimers of Mini Daled had a great final Shabbat and last day here at camp! On Friday night, we davened an awesome Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma’ariv with the whole camp. It was shabbat Nivonim and the Kochavimers loved watching the Darkeinu dance the Nivonimers performed. On Saturday, some of our Kochavimers performed in a play and we had an awesome Peulat Shabbat (Shabbat Activity). We split into five groups, and each group got to pat someone on the head (while the other four groups sat with their eyes closed) who had a positive influence on them. Everyone felt really good and it helped us remember the awesome summer we had! We ended Shabbat with an edah glow stick havdallah. On Sunday, we had our most spirited praying in the gazebo near the Chadar Ochel and ate a delicious aruchat boker (breakfast) before we all sadly headed home. We can’t wait to see everyone next Kayitz (summer) in Ilanot or Kochavim!

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